2019 Presentation Evening

The Heckington Bowling Club 2019 Presentation Evening was held on Friday 31st January 2020 at the Barge & Bottle Public house in Sleaford. Over 20 bowlers attended the evening which was hosted for the first time in the pubs annex. The seating arrangements differed by having one long table seating everyone together which worked better than having two or three tables separating the guests and having your backs to the other tables. Plus, we were isolated slightly from the general public. The majority of prize winners were in attendance who were warmly applauded on receipt of their winning trophies and certificates. Those that were not able to attend will receive their awards later in the year.Last year there were a number of individuals who could not remember what food they had ordered which resulted in one or two selecting their options as it arrived at the table, so this year everyone had a piece of card upon arrival to indicate their culinary selection. This worked very well and will be repeated next year.The only complaint that reached me was that; there was insufficient “Bailey’s Cream” put into the “Bailey’s Cheesecake Pudding”. No doubt this says a lot about the boozy lot of bowlers we have at the club ??? (Tongue in cheek)All in all it was a great success and everyone I have spoken to indicated that they really enjoyed the evening. Long may that continue.


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