From the new Membership Secretary

For those who did not attend the Special General Meeting last night I would like to tell you that we have constituted a new Committee role in the Club of Membership Secretary.
This role will be to look after the recruitment we do building on the fantastic work done by Tina, Patricia and others in organising the Open Day and the Mid Summer event we had a couple of weeks ago.

Equally important is making sure those who have joined enjoy the experience and get what they want from being members and playing bowls to whatever level they want. I will be trying to meet as many of you that I do not already know over the next few weeks to find out what you want from your club.

Any organisation that doubles in size over a very short period of time is going to have a period of settling in and adjustment. I see my role as being the voice of all the members – those that have joined very recently and those who have been at the club for many years. Yes there will be new initiatives but I will work very hard with the rest of the Committee and the members to make sure there is room for the new and the traditional.

Last night we discussed topics such as a structured Training Session at our Roll Ups – we are going to rename them as Bowls Drives – and one to one and group coaching. I will talk to Paul about that when he returns from holiday. We also talked about making more use of the Green in the evening and at weekends as many members (including me) are not lucky enough to be retired.

The most important part of the role of membership Secretary is communication in both directions – from the Committee about the Green, the Club House and competitions and from all the members about volunteering, ideas, issues and feedback. Please feel free to talk to me at any time either when I am at the Club or via email or phone. My personal email address is You can also contact me via Facebook. I will give everyone my mobile number as soon as I can but my phone recently had an encounter with a hard floor and is currently unwell.

Do let me know what you think we should do.

All the best
Andrew Davison

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